Minar Mobilya Ebrar Ranza 1033

Price : ₦1,349,949.98(Vat included)

Product Code: FR07711

Minar Furniture Ebru Bunk Bedroom This bunk suit will decorate 1033 young rooms and is a useful and durable product.

Product description

  • Bunk measurements: Height: 190 cm Width: 198 cm Depth: 97 cm
  • Interior cabinet measurements: Height: 145 cm Width: 88 cm Depth: 55 cm
  • worktable measures: Height: 79 cm Width: 96 cm Depth: 55 cm
  • Bedside bed measurements: 90x190 cm.
  • Color harmony in natural texture and brightness
  • Team-compliant special handles.
  • Large door cupboards
  • Ergonomic handling design at appropriate dimensions
  • 1st grade chipboard production.
  • Our products use double opening telescopic rails.
  • In the cupboards a slowing hinge is used.
  • All of our products are manufactured using imported connection parts and chipboard with high quality melamine surface.

Installation Information

The product you purchased is shipped as demountable. The accessories are for display purposes. It is not included in the price. The establishment is owned by the customer. We are located in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy the convenience of our guests. You can get information by contacting Furniture Republic Customer Service +2349083001264 for installation service. There is a set-up diagram for the installation and a material that is compatible with the mounting scheme. You can easily install simple hand tools.

Delivery Information

If the cargo is delivered, if the product is damaged or the product is damaged, open the package with the cargo officer and check the condition of your products. If you have any problems with your products, please contact us. Recorded products will be delivered to us by cargo company and the products will be exchanged. You can get information by calling Republican Customer Service +2349083001264 for your change or return process. The products you create will be delivered to your cargo on the dates shown.

Warranty Information

2 years against production and workmanship mistakes.

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